Compact 4X4 Kenya

Compact 4x4 Kenya
Compact 4×4 Kenya
Toyota RAV-4
Compact 4×4 Kenya: The Toyota RAV-4 has always been a strong compact size 4×4 performer, blending impressive on-road dynamics with credible off-road ability. Toyota hasn’t rested on its laurels, though, and has made the rav4 better than ever. We have made it possible for you to experience and enjoy cheaper,unique style and reliable adventure selfdrive safari that is not catered for by traditional safari companies.We give you the chance to go off and explore the wilds of Africa whilst maintaining a high level of security and back-up on the ground.When your vacation requires a SUV, we have you covered, with a wide variety of models available to rent. If you want the luxury of a car with the power of a truck, a SUV rental from Simba Pride Adventures is the ideal solution.

A sports utility rental makes 0ffroad trips, outdoor activities or just cruising around town or national parks an adventure. If you’re looking for a rugged vehicle, a 4×4 rental from jeepkenya will do the trick. You may want a one way rental and pick up your 4x4car in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Nanyuki, Naivasha, Mt.Kenya in kenya and drop it off in Arusha, Dar es alaam,Moshi,Tanga,Mwanza in Tanzania, Kampala or Jinja in Uganda. Relax in the experienced hands of our team who will help you to plan your 4×4 car, luxury car, landcruiser car, landrover car or holidays in East Africa Kenya Tanzania , and ensure that your trip is not only exciting, but also affordable and safe.