If you are going to sleep in our camping sites, make sure your sleeping bag is warm enough !
The Vango synthetic sleeping bags we rent is thick and warm, perfect for all weather and more than enough for most people.
We also offer very warm down filled bags, ideal for people who come from very warm climates
Our lighter bags are small and compact, just what you need if you are going to spend some nights in one of the many sleeping bag accommodations.
A self-inflating pad has two main benefits: cushioning and insulation. Cushioning might seem like a pad’s most useful function, but more important in Iceland is its ability to insulate your body from the cold ground.

Sleeping bag – Indoors Sleeping-bag-accomodation-IcelandSleeping bag Synthetic fillbest-sleeping-bag-for-icelandic-summer
Sleeping bag Down fill iceland Warmest sleeping bag downSelf-inflating Air MattressIceland-inflating-mattress-isolation


Self-inflating pillow good night sleep in icelandCompressible pillowComfortable night Iceland pillow

Fleece blanket keep warm Iceland